Beatrix Ruf

Incoming director of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Ruf, a highly respected curator and tastemaker, made Kunsthalle Zürich one of the most influential exhibition spaces in Europe (not least by spearheading the purchase and renovation of the building in which it is housed) while also occupying strategic positions at JRP/Ringier (associate editor) and Luma Foundation core group, as well as on the cultural advisory board at CERN, the board of Mumok Vienna and the artcommissioning board at Swiss Re. This year she put on what has become a signature mix of exhibitions by cult established artists (Haim Steinbach) and the newest kids on the block (Ed Atkins, Slavs and Tatars). But all that’s behind her now, as Ruf has just taken up a new role as director of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The artworld looks on with interest to see how Ruf will steer such a large ship, and what she can achieve with such a wealth of history at her fingertips.