Field Broadcast: Caddy Life

On your desktop, 16–18 September

Field Broadcast, a project by UK-based artists Rebecca Birch and Rob Smith, is back for another season. The premise is simple from the viewer's point-of-view, though the backroom mechanics are, to our luddite minds, technologically mind-boggling: various performances will be staged throughout the next three days in various locations by various artists. These are then broadcast, live, unannounced, to the computer desktop of anyone who has previously downloaded a piece of software uniquely developed by Birch and Smith for the purpose (this can be done here). Previous participants to the project, which was instigated in 2010, have included Ed Atkins, Dan Coopey, Michael Cousin, Juan Cruz, Sean Edwards, Simon Faithfull, Dan Walwin and Laura Wilson. 

Starting Monday, under the banner-title of Caddy Life, works by Rebecca Beinart, Annabelle Craven-Jones, Patrick Coyle, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Candice Jacobs, Sam Mercer, Kolanchoe, Samuel Rodgers, Erica Scourti, NaoKo TakeHashi will interrupt your day and disrupt your screen-space.