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‘Roger Kwong is on a trip across the Canadian Rockies. He is travelling on railway tracks originally laid in the nineteenth century by immigrant Chinese workers, including his great-grandfather. Roger’s readings into the documents of this history contain surprising accusations. These, combined with the discovery of an inexplicable photograph, and fateful encounters with a spirited, tree-planting dyke and a hunky Chinese attendant, raise unsettling questions about Roger’s great-grandfather and Roger’s own connection to the past.’

Richard Fung’s 1996 film Dirty Laundry delves into hidden narratives of gender and sexuality in nineteenth century Chinese-Canadian history, a time when Chinese communities were almost exclusively ‘bachelor’ workers (often married men separated from family in China). The anti-Chinese rhetoric of the time reviled such men as sodomites, with the few Chinese women regarded as sodomites. Later accounts purged this history of sexuality altogether. Dirty Laundry moves from a late-night encounter between a steward and a passenger on a train to documentary interviews and archival material, to ‘excavate the historical representation of outlaw sexuality’.

‘Fung’s work is positioned at the intersection of plural identities, reflecting on the artist’s roots, his sexuality and the Asian diaspora,’ writes Ren Scateni in a recent profile of the artist for ArtReview Asia. ‘In the wake of anti-Asian racism, which has flared up critically in the West during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fung’s work acquires greater relevance for the way it validates Asian lives, specifically those of the most vulnerable due to their gender, sexuality and class.’

Richard Fung, Dirty Laundry (1996)
Producer/Director: Richard Fung
Cinematographer: Kwoi
Principal Cast: Jo Alcampo, Andy Quan, T.H. Xia
Editors: Dennis Day and Miume Jan
Music: Lee Pui Ming and Jeffrey Steven

Screening dates:
Richard Fung, Dirty Laundry (1996): 8 – 30 September 2021

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