Jaret Vadera

2014 FutureGreat Asia, by Naeem Mohaiemen

By Naeem Mohaiemen

All We See Is Vision, 2014, vinyl on wall, 23 × 10 cm. Courtesy the artist

In Alan Moore’s Watchmen (1986–7), the jailed vigilante Rorschach is shown his namesake inkblot test by a psychiatrist trying to probe his ‘demented’ mind. As Moore’s antihero visualises dead children, dismembered limbs and a dog’s split-open head, he tells his interrogator, with the smoothest of poker faces, that he sees flowers, birds and beauty. Certain elements of Jaret Vadera’s recent work play a similar game. But instead of the Rorschach test, he offers us search engines as a new form of…

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