Seher Shah

FutureGreat Asia 2014, selected by Niru Ratnam

By Niru Ratnam

Mammoth: Aerial Landscape Proposals (untitled 3), 2012. Courtesy the artist and Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai Landscape Object Vista I, 2013. Courtesy the artist and Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai

Pakistan-born, New York-based artist Seher Shah has been making a name for herself recently via her meditations on brutalist architecture in solo shows at Jhaveri Contemporary (Mumbai, India), The Contemporary Austin (USA) and Green Art Gallery (Dubai, UAE) amongst others. She is best known for her graphic, often monochromatic drawings that take individual features of brutalist buildings and present them as abstract fragments, although she also works in photography and, more recently, sculpture. Her favoured mode of working sees forms of unforgiving modernist architecture flattened and…

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