Kelly Akashi

Profile of 2016 Future Great artist, selected by Andrew Berardini

By Andrew Berardini

Kelly Akashi, sslml or 5 breaths piercing a wall, 2015, blown glass. Photo: Zack Balber. Courtesy the artist and Michael Jon Gallery, Miami & Detroit

Sculptures are bodies. Objects inscribed with a human stain, often shaped by hands and existing in space, their generally inanimate tangibility a thing to measure our soft tissues against, their time moving at different speeds than the squelch and splurt of our soft-tissue corpora. Sculptures are Frankenstein’s monster, Pygmalion’s dreamgirl, leftovers from one of a hundred gods who breathed life into clay to make humans. In her curved undulating glass and bronze, the fleshy fragility of her wax, both cold…

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