Benedict Drew

Future Greats 2013

By Martin Herbert

Benedict Drew, The Persuaders, 2012. Courtesy the artist, Circa, Newcastle upon Tyne and Matts Gallery, London Benedict Drew, The Peruaders, 2012. Courtesy the artist, Circa Projects, Newcastle upon Tyne and Matt's Galllery, London

I first saw Benedict Drew’s work in 2012, in Newcastle, as part of a festival of audiovisual art themed around slowness – a rubric that felt at first apt and then, as his work unfolded, something of a misnomer for the 2011 Slade graduate. Drew’s multiroom installation, The Persuaders (2012), led one from eerily cheery anthropomorphic faces, made from protractors and cut-out stars placed on old-school overhead projectors, past lumpen and queasy sculpted figures, the sound of Clangers-ish whistles and…

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