Christina Forrer

Joy and horror are intrinsically intertwined in the Swiss artist’s latest woven works

By Aoife Rosenmeyer

Christina Forrer, Untitled, 2014, gouache on linen and cotton, 30 × 38 cm. Courtesy collection of Peter Franciosa and Jennifer Pinto Christina Forrer, Gebunden, 2017, cotton, wool and silk, 155 × 220 cm. Courtesy artist and Grice Bench, Los Angeles Christina Forrer, Figure Group, Toy, Acrobats, white pine, wire, paint, metal, 36 × 13 × 8 cm. Courtesy Winterthur Museum, Delawar Christina Forrer, Eight, 2017, cotton and wool, 290 × 114 cm. Courtesy the artist and Grice Bench, Los Angeles Christina Forrer, Untitled, 2016, wool, cotton, and linen, 132 cm × 145 cm. Photo: Joshua White. Courtesy Grice Bench, Los Angeles

Three heads come together, forced into position by the figure on the right, whose arm stretches out seemingly to strangle the figure on the left. Stranger still, the three heads share only two mouths – frozen rictuses, one a grin, the other a grimace. The central Janus-faced figure stares both ways, his eyes met by the eye of the companion to his left or his right, each of whom presses their face into his. This untitled 2014 work by Christina…

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