Future Greats: Thakol Khao Sa-ad

selected by David Teh. From the Summer issue of ArtReview Asia

By David Teh

Thakol Khao Sa-ad, Hand Tools (details), 2014, wood, steel, di Thakol Khao Sa-ad, Multicolor 2, 2010, oil on canvas, 32 × 42 cm. Courtesy the artist

Curators in Southeast Asia often joke about the ‘white cube’, that paradigmatic envelope of modern art exhibitions. The subject usually comes up during a show’s installation as, on close inspection, corners reveal themselves to be not-quite-right angles, walls to be not quite straight or flat. It’s not a lament, but a shared acknowledgement that somehow forms in this part of the world are just not meant to be rectilinear. Thai artist Thakol Khao Sa-ad turns this idea on its head.…

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