Future Greats: Li Jingxiong

selected by Li Qi. From the Summer issue of ArtReview Asia

By Li Qi

Li Jingxiong, The BAIYIN Project, 2016 (installation view, The New Normal: China, Art, and 2017, 2017). Courtesy UCCA, Beijing Li Jingxiong, Beast 54, 2016 (installation view). Courtesy White Space, Beijing

Li Jingxiong sets his course towards exploring a general social mechanism, or the lack of it, as an individual surviving and thinking in China’s intense social reality. His works could be considered as a collection of ruins, raided by the uncontrollable power of the Leviathan, and washed up by a flux of social evolution. The social incidents that serve as milestones for this rupture are composed and proliferated via social networks, a continuous series of documentary fictions based on the…

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