Future Greats: Orawan Arunrak

selected by Arin Rungjang. From the Summer issue of ArtReview Asia

By Arin Rungjang

Orawan Arunrak, Exit – Entrance, 2016–17, in-progress image, 2017. Photo: Wolfgang Bellwingkle. Courtesy the artist Orawan Arunrak, hand-drawn images printed as wallpaper, 2017, 150 × 340 cm. Courtesy the artist QR CODE of the sounds and archive, 2017

The artistic practice of Orawan Arunrak draws heavily on her personal life as a Buddhist and as a woman living in Thailand. It is also often inspired by her travels through her home country as well as the rest of Southeast Asia, as she is interested in cultural similarities and differences between various local communities. Using a range of media, including drawings and video, she creates installations that are meditative yet thought-provoking. Motivated to challenge the use of language and…

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