Future Greats: ShimuraBros

selected by Shabbir Hussain Mustafa. From the Summer issue of ArtReview Asia

By Shabbir Hussain Mustafa

SHIMURAbros, Sekilala, 2006–8, three-channel video installation (three players infinitely create story from 26 sequences), super 16mm, sound, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artists SHIMURAbros, x-ray Train, 2007, mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artists

There is an expression that the SHIMURAbros, the Berlin based sister/brother duo of Yuka and Kentaro, often use in our conversations: “Film is the catalyst for our creations. Through film, we familiarise ourselves with the equilibrium between light and matter, and through filming we convert light to a substance of that name”. In a continuous oscillation between the material/sculptural and immaterial/dreamlike, the duo has developed a body of work during the last decade that reconsiders imaging devices in the context…

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