Chiang Mai

Adeline Chia checks out the city's grassroots art scene

By Adeline Chia

Facade of Maiiam Contemporary Art Museum, designed by Allzone, Bangkok, and inspired by mirror-mosaic temple walls in Chiang Mai. Courtesy Maiiam, Chiang Mai Montien Boonma, Body Temple, 1996, artwork and performance at Suan Dok Temple / Chiang Mai, Thailand. Courtesy Chiang Mai Social Installation Gallery Seescape exhibition space, Chiang Mai Enlighten in the dark, a printing collection by various artists at C.A.P Studio, on view during Galleries Night Chiang Mai, January 2016. Courtesy Thailand Creative and Design Center, Chiang Mai Structures at the Land Foundation, Chiang Mai. Courtesy the Land Foundation

Dynamic, hectic Bangkok, with its network of private galleries and public institutions, is often seen as the nexus of Thailand’s art scene, but the recent opening of Thailand’s first private museum, Maiiam Museum of Contemporary Art, in Chiang Mai, has drawn attention to the quieter, wetter city up north. Never mind that the museum’s location isn’t even in the city centre, but half an hour’s drive away, in the Sankampaeng district, which is better known for therapeutic hot springs than…

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