ArtReview Live bar night: Rebecca Birch

18 March 2014, ArtReview bar

For the launch of ArtReview’s March FutureGreats issue, British artist and 2014 FutureGreat Rebecca Birch attracted quite a crowd in ArtReview’s bar for her hosted programme of short talks and performances by Jussi Parikka, Karen di Franco, Erica Scourti and Francesco Pedraglio, plus a playlist provided by Bram Thomas Arnold, all addressing a lichen-covered stick that has been in Rebecca’s car since 2011. For this event Absolut devised these two unique cocktails, inspired by Rebecca’s lichen-covered stick and her red car.

Absolut Lichen:

Absolut Wild Tea
Pineapple Juice
Lime Juice
Basil & Ginger foam
Served in a Martini Glass

Absolut Birch:

Absolut raspberri
Plymouth Sloe Gin
Cranberry Juice
Lime Juice
Dash of soda

The addresses to the lichen-covered stick:

Rebecca Birch
The beginning of the stick

Dr. Jussi Parikka (media theorist who works at Winchester School of Art and is the author of several books including Insect Media (2010) and What is Media Archaeology? (2012)).
Lichen and media/art/ecology

Karen Di Franco (archivist and curator).
Trouble with Lichen

Erica Scourti (artist working with text, video and performance across online and other contexts).
Inner Planets

Francesco Pedraglio (artist, writer and co-founder of FormContent)
Once, that specific time, I said, (remember?)

Bram Thomas Arnold (artist who started with walking and ended up in Cornwall, live on air, every Sunday night, he is also undertaking a practice-based PhD at Falmouth University)
Playlist for a lichen stick

The playlist:

  1. Bram Arnold & El Davis: Explaining Power to a Pipeline.
  2. David Thomas Broughton: Liberazione.
  3. These New Puritans: Organ Eternal.
  4. Lucky Dragons: Glasser Glad.
  5. Sons of the Morning: A Dangerous Study of Birdlife.
  6. Hudson Mohawke: Fuse.
  7. Aphex Twin: Untitled; Fourtet Remix.
  8. LFO: Tied Up; Electric Mainline Spiritualized Remix
  9. Tricky Disco: Tricky Disco; Plone Remix.
  10. Beck: Cellphone's Dead.
  11. Hockeysmith: But Blood.
  12. The Fall: Lost in Music.
  13. Darkside: Paper Trails.
  14. Way Through: Westonzoyland.
  15. Edward Williams: A Choice for the future of Life On Earth?
  16. Lucky Dragons: Now I understand.
  17. Talking Heads: Road to Nowhere (extract)
  18. Bram Arnold & El Davis: Car Door Slam.