City Focus Berlin, Mitte and Kreuzberg

Read all three parts of our City Focus Berlin feature, from the Jan-Feb, March and April 2013 issues

By Raimar Stange

City Focus Berlin: Part 3, Hackbarth's, photography Andrea Stappert Olaf Nicolai, photography Andrea Stappert

It’s late February, and I’m walking through the last of the melting snow on the way to Hackbarth’s, a bar/café in Berlin’s Mitte borough, to meet the artist Olaf Nicolai. I reminisce: until the beginning of the 1990s, Cologne was the indisputable centre of the (West) German art scene; then Berlin replaced Cologne. The metropolis along the Spree River quickly developed into an influential art mecca, and not just for Germany. The art hype began in Mitte shortly after the…

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