City Focus: New York, Part 2

Find our what's happening in the Lower East Side, from the Summer issue

By Jonathan T.D. Neil

Ludlow Street between Hester and Canal streets, one block east of Orchard Street galleries; Broome Street at Essex Street, looking north Reena Spaulings Fine Art, East Broadway; Orchard Street at Hester Street,

Manhattan’s Lower East Side: an impossibly tight conurbation south of Houston Street and east of the Bowery, long a multiethnic enclave and now home to roughly 100 contemporary art galleries alongside boutiques and clothiers, restaurants and their suppliers, community centres and hotels, housing projects and luxury condos. It’s a story of uneven, and uneasy, development, and it’s not new. It could easily begin on the eve of the 1980s, with The Real Estate Show, an exhibition (a pop- up, in…

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