Alexandre Singh

Read our feature on the artist who collapses time and melds theatricality and reality, from the December 2011 issue

By Martin Herbert

Alexandre Singh portrait. Photo: Jacob Sutton Alexandre Singh, The School for Objects Criticized, 2010 [installation view 'Free', New Museum, New York, 2010]. Courtesy Art:Concept, Monitor, Sprueth Magers Berlin London

Alexandre Singh is telling me about a play he’s just started writing. The formal devices – chorus, dirty jokes, actors addressing the audience – will be borrowed from Aristophanes; the set, he predicts, will merge traditional scenography with sculptural installation. “It’s a comedy of sorts entitled The Humans, a kind of alternative creation myth,” says the thirty-one-year-old artist. “The story pivots on a conflict between the newly nascent humans and their creator, and between the opposing forces of raw Dionysian…

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