Body and the City

Three Brazilian artists respond to crisis and transformation in their country through works focused within and around their own bodies

By Silas Martí

Igor Vidor, Rio Olympics 2016 (still), 2016, HD video, 15 min. Courtesy the artist Igor Vidor, Corra Como Se o Sol Pudesse Alcançar Você (Run as if the Sun Could Catch You), 2016, HD video, 4 min 13 sec. Courtesy the artist Virginia de Medeiros, Cais do Corpo, 2015, video, 7 min 3 sec. Courtesy the artist and Galeria Nara Roesler, São Paulo Virginia de Medeiros, Sérgio e Simone #2 (still), 2007–14, video, 9 min 55 sec. Courtesy the artist and Galeria Nara Roesler, São Paulo Rafael Menôva, Piscina, 2013, mineral pigment print on cotton paper, 70 × 50 cm. Courtesy the artist

In the wake of the bulldozers that ravaged Rio de Janeiro in preparation for last summer’s Olympic Games, and in the aftermath of an impeachment process that many consider a coup d’état, Brazil and its cities have been likened to masses of scar tissue still recovering from reckless transformation. As politicians fight for power and struggle to calm the state of revolt now rampant all across the country, artists here have responded by placing their bodies in the line of…

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