Artist Talks: Wolfgang Tillmans

From the ArtReview archive...

By Martin Herbert

Wolfgang Tillmans, Lux, 2009 Wolfgang Tillmans, Astro Crusto, a, 2012 Wolfgang Tillmans, Freischwimmer 230, 2012 Wolfgang Tillmans, Movin Cool, 2010 Wolfgang Tillmans portrait, 2012, Karl Kolbitz

Ahead of Wolfgang Tillmans’ forthcoming talk at Foundation Beyeler, part of its new programme of Artist Talks, co-hosted by UBS, we revisit Martin Herbert’s interview with the artist, from the April 2013 issue of ArtReview...When ArtReview visited Wolfgang Tillmans recently in his labyrinthine studio in Kreuzberg, Berlin, we found an artist toggling between looking forward and looking back. On the one hand, Tillmans – first photographic artist to win the Turner Prize, nonpareil expander of his medium’s horizons and reach in…

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