From the Archive: Erwin Wurm

By Mark Rappolt

Erwin Wurm, House Attack, 2006 (installation view, MUMOK, Vienna), mixed media, dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist Erwin Wurm, Narrow House, 2010 (installation view, Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg), mixed media, 1600 x 700 cm. Photo: Mischa Nawrata. Courtesy the artist

The back wall of Erwin Wurm’s living room at the schloss Limberg (think château, not castle) in Lower Austria is covered by one enormous colourful woollen jumper. It has a human-size neck and arm, but these look positively Lilliputian in comparison to the architectural scale of the knitwear’s body. Although given that we are in Austria, perhaps the reference to swift is a little out of place; it’s tempting to say instead that this monstrous knitted surface renders the neck…

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