The Influential Generation

Gabriela Jaregui takes a look at the many avant-garde, overlooked and wholly underrepresented Mexican women artists from the 1970s and 80s

By Gabriela Jauregui

Pola Weiss dancing with her camera, 1980. Courtesy the artist and Fondo Pola Weiss at the Centro de Documentación Arkheia, MUAC-UNAM Mónica Mayer, El Tendedero (detail), 1978, installation. Photo: Víctor Lerm Maris Bustamante with other (male) members of the No-Grupo collective, Mexico City, 1982. Courtesy Maris Bustamante Pola Weiss, Retrato Cíclope de Pola Weiss (Cyclops Portrait of Pola Weiss), 1987. Courtesy Fondo Pola Weiss at the Centro de Documentación Arkheia, MUAC-UNAM Sarah Minter, Nadie es inocente: 20 años después, 2010. Courtesy the artist

Not so long ago a British curator wrote to me wanting to discuss Mexican female artists that I might recommend for a show she was putting together. I emailed her a big list of women whose work I have long admired and younger artists whose work I continue to discover, but it was only after we had met to discuss it that I realised that everyone on the list had something in common other than their gender and nationality: they…

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