Other People and Their Ideas No 20: Lauren Cornell, Ryan Trecartin and Sarah O'Keeffe

Ahead of the third New Museum Triennial, the curators talk to Tom Eccles about their experience

By Tom Eccles

Lauren Cornell and Sara O’Keeffe. Courtesy New Museum, New York Juliana Huxtable, Untitled, 2014. Courtesy the artist

Organised by Lauren Cornell and Ryan Trecartin, with Sara O’Keeffe, assistant curator, the third New Museum Triennial, which runs from 25 February through 24 May, is titled Surround Audience and will feature 51 artists and artist collectives from over 25 countries. Previously executive director of not-for-profit new-media platform Rhizome, Cornell is a curator at the New Museum and cocurated its first triennial, titled The Generational: Younger Than Jesus, in 2009. Among the artists featured in that exhibition was Ryan Trecartin, whose…

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