Future Greats: Katie Schwab

Selected by Ben Street. From the January & February issue

Katie Schwab in collaboration with Simon Worthington and Florence Dwyer, Making the Bed, Laying the Table, 2016, furniture, ceramic, household paint. Photo: Max Slaven. Courtesy the artist Sampler, 2016, hessian, Grandma’s wool, cotton thread, pine, sapele. Photo: Tom Nolan. Courtesy the artist and Collective, Edinburgh Work Hands, British Folk Art Open Studio, 2014 (view of Tate Early Years and Families workshop, Tate Britain Clore Studio). © Tate Photography. Courtesy the artist

Katie Schwab’s work is a quiet call to arms. In its nonetheless insistent way, it embodies a proposition for how contemporary art might revive creative practices of the past. It’s a modest proposal, for sure: Schwab’s work is discreet to a fault, whispering its politics, often finding its forms in the domestic and the decorative, but with an emphasis on the shared physical space of creative labour. What unifies Schwab’s diverse methods – including tapestry, ceramics, embroidery, furniture, printmaking, video…

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