Future Greats: Iza Tarasewicz

The first of our 2017 Future Greats, selected by Oliver Basciano. From the January & February 2017 issue

By Oliver Basciano

Turba, Turbo (detail), 2015, mixed media, 1000 × 150 cm. Courtesy BWA Warszawa Arena, 2014 and Turba, Turbo, 2015 (installation view, 2015 Views Award nominees exhibition, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw). Courtesy BWA Warszawa

Five metres of looped handmade hemp and asphalt-rubber rope hang in drooping arcs from the ceiling of the Zacheta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw. Below, suspended by a series of cables also attached to the ceiling, is a large rusting structure hovering half a metre or so above the gallery floor – 25 metal hoops connected to form a tunnellike frame. This installation – the rope titled Arena (2014), the suspended sculpture Turba, Turbo (2015) – was Iza Tarasewicz’s…

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