Future Greats: Alexandra Laudo

Selected by Joanna Warsza. From the January & February issue

By Joanna Warsza

An intellectual history of the clock, 2016, performative lecture conceived as a narrated exhibition, presented at Malongen, Stockholm, with the collaboration of Tove Brigersson, Maja Jönsson, Jesper Nyberg, Àlex Serrano, Pedro Torres and Gideonsson/Londré. Photo: Álvaro Campo. Courtesy the artist

Before calling what he did ‘curating’, Harald Szeemann, who was in many ways responsible for shaping the current definition of the discipline, used to describe his exhibitions as ‘staged’. He brought dramaturgy and performativity into the genre, elements upon which Catalonian artist-curator Alexandra Laudo’s recent exhibition-performance An intellectual history of the clock (2016) is also founded: however, here we don’t see any artworks; we only hear about them. The etymological roots of the word ‘clock’ lie in the Latin clocca…

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