Dóra Maurer

With exhibitions opening up in London and Germany, read our cover feature on the Hungarian artist from the March 2012 issue

By Mark Rappolt

Self-portrait in collaboration with Evi Fábián, January 2012 Enter into the Structure (Handmade Quasi Fractal) (detail, 1–2), 1988–95. Courtesy the artist Hidden Structures I, 1977. Courtesy the artist Reversible & Changeable Phases of Movements, Etude 4, 1972. Courtesy Ludwig Museum, Budapest Quod Libet No 39, 1999, wood, linen, acrylic, 240 x 462 cm. Courtesy the artist Seven Turns, 1977–8. Courtesy Vintage Galéria, Budapest

“I don’t want to be a star or suchlike. I’m not the type,” says Dóra Maurer, with typical assertiveness, as we talk in the Budapest apartment-studio she shares with her husband, the artist Tibor Gáyor. She’s being characteristically modest. Or perhaps characteristically contrarian. While she may not yet be a household name to international art lovers, Maurer is a well-established star in Hungary. As one of the leading artists of the avant-garde since the 1970s, as a teacher (she is…

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