LA's Art Wave

Upgraded spaces, secondary spaces and new galleries, Jonathan Griffin reports on Los Angeles’s growing contemporary art scene

By Jonathan Griffin

Paul McCarthy and Damon McCarthy, Rebel Dabble Babble (detail), 2012.  Photo: Fredrik Nilsen. Courtesy the artists and the Box, Los Angeles Mike Kelley, Switching Marys, 2004–5.  Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Photo: Fredrik Nilsen.  Courtesy Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, Los Angeles MOCA board cochairs Maurice Marciano and  Lilly Tartikoff Karatz, MOCA curator Bennett Simpson  and MOCA director Philippe Vergne (left to right).  Photo: Rachel Murray/WireImage Henry Codax at Michael Thibault, Los Angeles, 2014, curated by Shoot the Lobster. Photo: Laura Schawelka. Courtesy Michael Thibault, Los Angeles Laura Owens, 12 Paintings by Laura Owens and Ooga Booga #2, 2013 (installation view).  Photo: Fredrik Nilsen. © the artist. Courtesy the artist, 356 S. Mission Road,  Los Angeles, and Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York

Things move fast in Los Angeles. Enterprises bloom, seemingly overnight, and then wither without warning. Careers too. The city is in a perpetual state of emergence and disintegration; a young settlement that is already older than people imagined it would ever be when they perched their stilted wooden homes on dusty hillsides in the early decades of the twentieth century. Someone recently told me that the hundreds of towering Washingtonia palm trees that were planted to prettify the city for…

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