New York Juggernaut

Jonathan T.D. Neil on the ongoing gentrification of New York and whether the artworld will come out of it stronger or be a victim of its own success

By Jonathan T.D. Neil

Whitney Museum of American Art’s new main building,  under construction, September 2013. Photo: Timothy Schenck Do the Right Thing, 1989, dir Spike Lee Tony Tasset, Artists Monument, 2014 (installation view, 2014 Whitney Biennial).   Photo: Bill Orcutt. Courtesy Kavi Gupta, Chicago Dora Budor, Action Paintings, 2014.  Courtesy the artist and 247365, New York

New York is on the verge. It’s calamitous. Culture. Economy. Society. The old triumvirate isn’t getting along. They’re faking it, retreating to the corners of a too small apartment of a too-new condo building in an area of the city that didn’t know it had been signed up for the neoliberal remodel. There is anger, and resentment. There have been betrayals, born of disrespect. Just listen to Spike Lee at Pratt Institute this past February, speaking here of the historically…

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