Chelpa Ferro

Read our interview with the Brazilian multimedia group, from the September 2013 issue

By Oliver Basciano

Chelpa Ferro, A Autópsia da Cigarra Gigante, 2008, Rio. Photo: Gregoire Basdevant. Courtesy the artists Chelpa Ferro. Courtesy the artists Chelpa Ferro, Jungle Jam (installation view, Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia, Salvador, 2008), 2006. Courtesy the artists

Barrão makes sculptures, Sérgio Mekler edits feature films and Luiz Zerbini is a painter; together however they are Chelpa Ferro, a band and artist collective that has been making a big noise since the mid-1990s. Based in Rio de Janeiro, the three put aside their respective work to meet up each Wednesday at Zerbini’s studio and plan exhibitions of their sonic sculptures – ad hoc lo-fi kinetic assemblages whose movements create sonic environments – or to discuss and rehearse for…

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