Liverpool Biennial 2014 slideshow

What to see at the Liverpool Biennial, in pictures

By Helen Sumpter

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A Needle Walks into a Haystack (group show)

Installation views at The Old Blind School, 24 Hardman Street, Liverpool, daily 10am-6pm

1. Judith Hopf, Flock of Sheep, 2014. Concrete and steel

2. Christina Ramberg, Hand, Handkerchief, 1971. Acrylic on Masonite

3. Peter Wachter, Sculpture #1 (Octopus), 2014, Sculpture #2 (Eel), 2014, Sculpture #3 (Ray), 2014. Ceramic, watercolour, plinth. Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial

4. Uri Aran, Departments, 2014 (detail). Four oak and mixed media sculptures. Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial

5. Strautcherepnin, A Metaphysical Store, 2014. Sound, text, objects, mixed media. Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial. Courtesy the artists, Greene Naftali Gallery and Galerie Buchholz

6. Nicola L, La Femme Commode, 1969-2014. Wood and white lacquer. White Foot Sofa, 1968. Sofa upholstered in white vinyl

7. Marc Bauer, Quarry, 1907 (detail), 2014. Charcoal and chalk on wall. Courtesy the artist and Freymond-Guth Fine Arts

8. Bonnie Camplin, Is Immanent Colloquilum, 2012. Courtesy the artist and Cabinet Gallery

9. Mick Jones, existing ceiling mural,1986, (detail) in The Old Blind School (also known as the old Merseyside Trades Union and Unemployed Resource Centre), commissioned by the Transport and General Workers Union. (Not part of the Biennial)

10. Rana Hamadeh, The Alien Encounters Project, 2011-ongoing. Stage set with objects, script. Courtesy the artist

11. Judith Hopf, Untitled, 2013. Rope and wire. Courtesy the artist and Kaufmann Repetto

John Moore's Painting Prize 2014

Walker Art Gallery, William Brown Street, Liverpool, daily 10am-5pm

12. Juliette Losq, Vinculum, 2012 (detail). Watercolour and ink on paper, on canvas. One of five shortlisted artists, along with Mandy Payne, Alessandro Raho, Rose Wylie and Rae Hicks, in the running for the first prize, announced in September 2014

Claude Parent, La Colline de l'art

Architectural installation with works selected from Tate's collection.

Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, Liverpool, daily 10am-5.50pm (10am-5pm after 6 October)

13. Francis Picabia, The Fig-Leaf, 1922. Oil on canvas

Exhibition curated from the Tate Collection

Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, Liverpool, daily 10am-5.50pm (10am-5pm after 6 October)

14. Marc Camille Chamowicz, Vienna Triptych, Learning...and Surrounded by Chorus Girls and Sentinels, 1982

15. Susan Hiller, Belshazzar's Feast, the Writing on Your Wall, 1983-4

James McNeill Whistler

The Bluecoat,School Lane, Liverpool, daily 10am-6pm

16, 17. James McNeill Whistler, Harmony in Blue and Gold: The Peacock Room,1876-77 (detail). Oil paint and gold leaf on canvas, leather, wood. Reproduction by Olivia du Monceau, 2014. Wood, canvas, paper, hessian, scenic paints, china pots

Jef Cornelis

St. Andrews Gardens, 21 Moor Place, Liverpool, daily 10am-6pm

18. Viewing room showing selected films by Belgian television director Jef Cornelis

All images by Helen Sumpter

The Liverpool Biennial runs through 26 October 2014 at venues throughout the city