ArtReview Summer issue

Featuring the art of Penny Slinger, Michael Rakowitz, Stephen Shore and Ryan Gander, the writing of Reyner Banham, plus reviews, previews and more


Michael Rakowitz
Ahead of his retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery in London (and after pulling out from two exhibitions in protest of the institutions’ dubious sponsorship), the American artist talks to Oliver Basciano about cultural heritage, institutional ethics and what art history means to him

Penny Slinger
A radical figure of London’s 1960s art scene, Slinger turned its back on the artworld in the 1970s and moved to the US to expand her otherworldly interests through philosophy and tantric sex. As she starts exhibiting again, J.J. Charlesworth catches up with the unconventional artist

Ryan Gander
The artist’s oeuvre has long played between the registers of honesty and irony, yet Mark Rappolt argues his latest body of work could be seen to reveal a new brand of Romanticism

Stephen Shore
The pioneering American photographer’s talks to Fi Churchman about his early bodies of work that transformed vernacular American objects and scenes into the extraordinary, his Instagram account and his new series of work

Archive Focus: Reyner Banham
A miniretrospective of the influential critic’s writing for Art News and Review (as ArtReview was called during the 1950s and 60s), covering about anything, from gizmos and gadgets to the entire city of Los Angeles


Martin Herbert’s guide to the must-see exhibitions opening this summer

Reviews from around the world including
58th Venice Biennale: May You Live in Interesting Times, by Ben Eastham
Jack Whitten at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, by Martin Herbert
Mike Nelson at Protocinema, Istanbul, by Ben Eastham
Denzil Forrester at Stephen Friedman, London, by Louise Darblay
Liliane Lijn at Rodeo, London, by Oliver Basciano
The National 2019: New Australian Art, various venues, Sydney, by Michael Do

And books including
Insurgent Empire, by Priyamvada Gopal; The Last Leonardo, by Ben Lewis; We, the Survivors, by Tash Aw; Broken Stars, edited by Ken Liu; and more!

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