October 2012

On the cover Luc Tymans; Bjarne Melgaard; Frances Stark; Lucas Samaras; Paris's burgeoning art scene; an interview with Franz West; an artist project by Wassink Lundgren and Frederik Peeters; plus Gallery Girl in Frieze Matsers and reviews including Sarah Lucas, Tomás Saraceno and Laurent Grasso



Luc Tuymans: On painting, filmmaking and how to look at

Bjarne Melgaard: Legitimate dick loving

Lucas Samaras: A life less ordinary

Frances Stark: Yes and no

Art in Paris: Grand et petit

Paris: Artist project


Sarah Lucas; Mel Brimfield; Elizabeth McAlpine; Turps Banana; Natascha Sadr Haghighian; Jennet Thomas; Francis Upritchard; Tim Rollins and K.O.S.; Beasts of Revelation; Sharon Hayes; Ghosts in the Machine; Tomás Saraceno; Jack Goldstein; ACIREMA; Everywhere and on Everything; Jimmie Durham; Marisa Merz; I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have; Tal R Johanne; Laurent Grasso; Petrit Halilaj; Mark Borthwick; Christoph Hänsli; Tony Camargo; Zhao Yao; Art Factory Project


Gallery Girl at Frieze Masters, Franz West in an interview with Tom Eccles, an artist project by Wassink Lundgren, a new strip by Frederik Peeters and an interview with Friedrich Nietzsche.