May 2016

Featuring: Wayne Thiebaud; David Hammons; John Berger; Guy Mannes Abbott on art and labour; transgression in 1980's Latin American photography; an interview with Savonarola; plus columns and reviews from around the world


Inside the issue

A guide to the ten must-see exhibitions this month in Brussels, New York, Liverpool, Limerick, Berlin, Antwerp, Milan, Los Angeles and Frankfurt, by Martin Herbert

Points of View – our writers on what’s happening in the artworld and beyond:

J.J. Charlesworth on ‘disintermediation’ or the rise of online art-selling platforms; Jonathan Grossmalerman discovers his artistic heritage inside a mysterious manuscript; Maria Lind, curator and director of Gwangju Biennale 2016, on video artist Jeamin Cha and the representation of ‘male hysteria’; Jonathan T. D. Neil watches as New York and London, analogue and individualism slide into history; and Sam Jacob on the ruins of American public infrastructure.

Great Critics and Their Ideas: Savonarola on populism, social fads and how to appreciate intensity in art, interview Matthew Collings


Ed Schad visits Wayne Thiebaud and finds art history, historical circumstance, an excess of confectionary and the history of one man’s life in the extra-believable paintings of the ninety-five year old American artist.

Presence and absence in the work – and career – of American artist David Hammons. By Gabriel Coxhead

A Moral. A text by John Berger first published during the 1950s and exploring ‘the disastrous relation between art and property’ shows how little the issues facing art have changed over the past 60 years.

Paz Errázuriz, Graciela Iturbide and Sergio Zevallos all have one thing in common: together and individually they delighted in deeply transgressive, deliberately blasphemous actions and artworks. Oliver Basciano discovers anarcho-otherness in 1980’s Latin America.

Art and Labour – Gulf Labor activist Guy Mannes-Abbott digs into art’s connections to various systems of labour exploitation and argues that anyone interested in art should care.


Exhibitions reviews from around the world

Goshka Macuga at Fondazione Prada, Milan, by John Quin

(edit)Jiri Cernicky at Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, by Mark Rappolt

Jani Ruscica at Kiasma, Helsinki, by Stefanie Hessler

Lydia Gifford at Centre International d’Art et du Paysage, Île de Vassivière, by Louise Darblay

Karl Holmqvist at Galerie Neu, Berlin, by Raimar Stange

Stephen Shore at C/O, Berlin, by Mark Prince

Paul Geelen at A Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam, by Dominic van den Boogerd

Jesse Jones at Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin, by Luke Clancy

Annina Matter & Urs Zahn at Weiss Falk, Basel, by Aoife Rosenmeyer

(edit)Bahar Yürükoglu, Murat Akagündüz & (edit)Sener Özmen at Arter, Istambul, by Sarah Jilani

John Latham at Lisson Gallery, London, by Chris Fite-Wassilak

Michael Dean at South London Gallery, London, by Laura Smith

Becky Beasley at Laura Bartlett Gallery, London, by Sean Ashton

Ariana Reines & Oscar Tuazon at Modern Art, London, by Brian Dillon

Elizabeth Price at Ashmolean Museum and Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, by Helen Sumpter

Rose Wylie at Chapter, Cardiff, by David Trigg

Ali Prosch at Elephant, Los Angeles, by Andrew Berardini

Elaine Cameron-Weir at Venus, Los Angeles, by Jonathan Griffin

Intimate Wine Reception at Château Shatto, Los Angeles, by Dean Kissick

Martine Syms at Karma International, Los Angeles, by Darius Sabbaghzadeh

Michael Genovese at Moran Bondaroff, Los Angeles, by Larry Wilcox

Hilton Als at The Artist’s Institute, New York, by David Everitt Howe

Sarah Braman at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York, by Brienne Walsh

Justin Berry at Essex Flowers, New York, by Iona Whittaker

Anna Ostoya at Bortolami Gallery, New York, by Wendy Vogel

Chantal Peñalosa at Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City, by Kimberlee Córdova

Henrique Oliveira at Galeria Millan (Anexo), São Paolo, by Thais Gouveia

Michael Lin at Leo Xu Projects, Shanghai, by Aimee Lin

Liang Shuo at Beijing Commune, by Edward Sanderson

Book reviews

The Perpetual Guest: Art in the Unfinished Present, by Barry Schwabsky

Munch, by Steffen Kverneland

Strike Art: Contemporary Art and the Post-Occupy Condition, by Yates McKee

Last Futures: Nature, Technology and the End of Architecture, by Douglas Murphy

The Strip: A New work by Barbara Yelin, introduced by Paul Gravett.

A Curator Writes: I. Kurator on object-oriented ontology.