January and February 2012

Theaster Gates profiled; Heidi Specker & Bruno Mansoulié: a photographer meets a physicist; on the trail of Stanislaw Lem; Eve Sussman & the Rufus Corporation; Alex Hartley on creating a new nation; Jonathan Yeo’s surgical painting and the London Review Marathon by four of our critics


Theaster Gates: The socially engaged artist

Heidi Specker & Bruno Mansoulié: A photographer meets a physicist

Stanislaw Lem: The enduring influence of a sci-fi master

Eve Sussman & the Rufus Corporation: Sustainability explained

Alex Hartley: Creating a new nation

London Reviews Marathon: Four critics try to keep fit

Jonathan Yeo: Surgical painting


Luke Fowler; Michael Krebber; Uta Barth; Marina Pinsky ;Nathan Hylden; Heather Rowe; Rita Donagh and Richard Hamilton; Alessandro Pessoli; Spaceship Yugoslavia: The Suspension of Time; Sonia Kacem; Arnulf Rainer/Victor Hugo; Museum of Desires; Taryn Simon; 3 Countries 3 Artists.

Book Reviews

Matthew Brannon: Hyenas Are…

Bye Bye Babylon: Beirut 1975–1979

The Speech Writer

A New Art from Emerging Markets

Oce anomania: Souvenirs of Mysterious Seas from the Expedition to the Aquarium

Critical Dictionary

Design Research Unit 1942–72


Under Blue Cup 

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