March 2012

Future Greats: critics and curators from around the world to single out 25 artists for special attention; Dora Maurer interviewed and profiled; Reports from Budapest, Vienna, and Paris; Karl Marx interviewed by Matthew Collings; and reviews including Sanja Ivekovic, Simon Fujiwara, Akram Zaatari and Goshka Macuga


Dóra Maurer The art star who doesn’t want to be one

Future Greats: Today’s leading artists and curators select 25 artists for special attention


Synthetic Real; Dara Birnbaum; Catherine Story; Roisin Byrne; Simon Fuijiwara; Chooc Ly Tan; Michael Snow; Gregory Halpern; Joel Sternfeld; Sanja Iveković ; Brian Bress; Glenn Kaino; Stefan Brüggemann; How German Is It?; Rivane Neuenschwander; Timur Si-Qin ; Akram Zaatari; Drawing Room Chris Bors; Kati Heck; Goshka Macuga; Mathematics, A Beautiful Elsewhere; Wang Yuping

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