Summer 2012

On the cover: New York Salons; Tino Seghal; future oriented art with Omer Fast, Sean Lynch and Ben Rivers; China Miéville; Tom Sachs; an interview with Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev; plus Shezad Dawood, Mark Beyer and Raqs Media Collective


Tino Sehgal: A critic responds

A collaborator recalls Jennifer Uleman

New York Salons: Talking shop

An artist project: Raqs Media Collective

Tom Sachs: Mission to Mars

Present Future: Art’s prognostication

China Miéville: Another future

Shezad Dawood: The alien other


Roger Hiorns; Sam Griffin; Michael Portnoy; Roee Rosen; Marco Chiandetti & Rudolf Polanszky; Elizabeth Price; Laura Parnes; Gilbert & George; Alejandra Prieto; Ralph Lemon; Brice Marden; Mickalene Thomas; Jeffry Mitchell; Urs Fischer; Antony Gormley; Ryoji Ikeda; Haim Steinbach; Mona Hatoum; David Zink Yi; Guillaume Bijl; 1964; Kishio Suga


An interview with Documenta 13 curator Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and more.

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