ArtReview Asia Winter 2016

Featuring Birdhead; a survey of Thailand's Great Political Divide; Udomsak Krisanamis; Wang Xingwei; Bosco Sodi; Chiang Mai's art scene; our columnists on what's happening in the artworld; plus reviews from around the world and more!



Our guide to 22 must-see exhibitions and art events on now and through the winter

Birdhead – In giant photo matrices that borrow from traditional calligraphy, ink painting, Japanese photography avant-garde and new technologies, the Shanghai-based artist duo evokes the landscape of a new China, marked an urban context and the contemporary lifestyle. By Aimee Lin

The Silence in Thai Contemporary Art – As activists become more artistic in response to Thailand’s social and political injustices, should the country’s artists do more to engage with the society around them? By Thanavi Chotpradit

Udomsak Krisanamis – The taciturn artist agrees to a rare interview in his Chiang Mai studio. By Max Crosbie-Jones

Bosco Sodi – the Mexican painter who relinquishes control over the finished artwork and celebrates ‘chance’ and ‘randomness’. By Mark Rappolt

Wang Xingwei – Borrowed revolutionary imagery and ahistorical mashups feed the witty oddness of this provocateur’s experiments in painting. By Nataline Colonnello

Chiang Mai – As Thailand's first high-profile contemporary art museum opens in Chiang Mai, we take a look at the colder, wetter, buzzier city than Bangkok, and its grassroots art scene. By Adeline Chia

Our columnists have their say…

A new piece of fiction by Hu Fang; Chennai-based novelist Charu Nivedita looks for the uplifting moments India offers against a horrifying backdrop of rising crime; Alan Oei, artist and director of the once countercultural and alternative Substation in Singapore, wonders whether culture can still exist as a contested space; and Brian Curtin takes a stance on the political divide in the Thai art scene.

Reviews of exhibitions across Asia and beyond

Setouchi Triennale, by Adeline Chia; Before the Beginning and After the End II at Long March Space, Beijing, by Guo Juan; Why the Performance? At Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai, by Zhang Hanlu; London Biennale Manila Pollination, various venues, Manila, by Katrina Stuart Santiago; Kenji Yanobe at Takamatsu Art Museum, Japan, by Adeline Chia; Wook-kyung Choi at Kukje Gallery, Seoul, by Mark Rappolt; Tada Hengsapkul & Chai Siris at Nova Contemporary, Bangkok, by Brian Curtin; Apichatpong Weerasethakul at Maiiam Museum of Contemporary Art, Chiang Mai, by Adeline Chia; Amar Kanwar at NTU Centre For Contemporary Art Singapore, by Tan Guo-Liang; Tadasu Takamine at TKG+, Taipei, by Nirmala Devi; The Propeller Group at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, by Sara Cluggish; Nástio Mosquito at Fondazione Prada, Milan, by Mike Watson; Hiraki Sawa at Parafin, London, by Dean Kissick; Takuro Kuwata at Alison Jacques, London, by Mark Rappolt; Candice Lin at Gasworks, London, by Lynton Talbot; Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook at Gimpel Fils, London, by Gabriel Coxhead; The Asia-Pacific Century: Part One at Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, by Vera Mey

And books…

Existence: A Story, by David Hinton

Breaking Knees: Sixty-Three Very Short Stories from Syria, by Zakaria Tamer

The Exform, by Nicolas Bourriaud

[inaudible] A Politics of Listening in 4 Acts, by Lawrence Abu Hamdan

The Garden of Foolish Indulgences, by Oh Yong Hwee and Koh Hong Teng

Just for the Love of It: Popular Music in Penang 1930s–1960s, by Paul Augustin and James Lochhead


A new strip by the rising Thai cartoonist Sa-ard; and the latest adventure of Gallery Girl.