May 2012

On the cover: Superflex's contract and settlement agreement; LA's vibrant performance art scene; Liz Magic Laser discusses politics and socioeconomic structures within society; and reviews including Jeremy Deller, Lis Rhodes, Leigh Ledare and Claire Fontaine




‘This project by SUPERFLEX published on pages 81 to 100 is a result of the Contract published on the front cover of this edition of ArtReview.

‘SUPERFLEX has exercised its “editorial right” to publish the Settlement Agreement entered into with Art Review Limited 14/03/2012 and its enclosures.

‘The Settlement Agreement and the Contract are part of the ongoing series of projects, “Offer and Exchange: Sites of Negotiation In Contemporary Art”, co-curated by Daniel McClean and Lisa Rosendahl and commissioned by Electra (London).’

Performance Art in LA

LA’s vibrant performance art scene was evident in last year’s Pacific Coast Standard Time exhibition extravaganza, and can be found in the city’s many low- or no-budget artist-run institutions: it is even on view in New York, in Dawn Kasper’s residency at the 2012 Whitney Biennial. Says Getty curator Glenn Phillips, “There’s this moment here when practically every artist makes some foray into ephemeral art. It happens everywhere, but I’ve never seen it as widespread as it is in Los Angeles.” By Holly Myers

Liz Magic Laser

Whether through the performance of a Bertolt Brecht play in bank lobbies, or violent fights staged in Times Square, Liz Magic Laser specialises in subverting the codes of privacy and turning bystanders into participants. The artist’s agenda and interest seems clear: she wants to discuss politics and socioeconomic structures within society, and alongside that, she wants to discuss human relations. By Jacob Fabricius


Jeremy Deller; John Wood and Paul Harrison; Lydia Gifford; Lis Rhodes; Rose Wylie; Luke Fowler; Michael Mahalchick; Tom Burr; Frances Stark; Simone Gilges; Requiem for the Sun; Leigh Ledare; You Killed Me First; Yüksel Arslan; VALIE EXPORT; Claire Fontaine; William McKeown; James Benning; Michel Blazy; Contre l’Histoire; David Noonan; Atsuko Tanaka.


‘The Skull Collection’, by Tom Gauld, Norman O. Brown on sex and death, illustrating the ‘science bit’ in household products, art activisim in Italy, reviews, books and Gallery Girl.