Tate Modern: Nought to Sixteen, a History

To mark the opening of the new Tate Modern – a comparative look back at the Museum's past 16 years alongside the world events that accompanied it, with contributions from Matthew Collings, Sam Jacob, Marysia Lewandowska, Linda Nochlin, Nicholas Serota, Bob and Roberta Smith, Ben Street and Sarah Wookey



Interview: Nicholas Serota, by Helen Sumpter

Art Crazy Nation (2001), by Matthew Collings 

2000 Tate Modern Opens

Essay: Scale and Expansion by Sam Jacob

Century City exhibition

Warhol exhibition

Cruel + Tender exhibition

PJ Harvey performance

Unilever series: Olafur Eliasson, The Weather Project

Essay: Entertainment and Populism, by Ben Street

Open Systems exhibition

Rings of Saturn exhibition

Unilever series: Carsten Höller, Test Site

The World as a Stage exhibition

Essay: An Art History by Linda Nochlin

Tania Bruguera, Tatlin’s Whisper #5 performance

No Soul For Sale event

Essay: Participation and Protest, by Bob and Roberta Smith

Yayoi Kusama exhibition

Damien Hirst exhibition

The Tanks opening

Essay: Multimedia and Performance, by Sara Wookey

Henri Matisse exhibition

The World Goes Pop exhibition

Essay: Networks and Globalisation, by Marysia Lewandowska

Art Crazy Nation (plus 16), by Matthew Collings

2016 New Tate Modern Opens