Winter issue

Birdhead, Bosco Sodi, Wang Xingwei and more...

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Inside this issue

Our guide to 22 must-see exhibitions and art events on now and through the winter

Birdhead – Aimee Lin peels back the layers of the Shanghai-based collective's giant photo matrices, which borrow from traditional calligraphy, ink painting, avant-garde Japanese photography and new technologies.

Chiang Mai – As Thailand's first high-profile contemporary art museum opens in Chiang Mai, Adeline Chia takes a look at the city's grassroots art scene.

The Silence in Thai Contemporary Art – As activists become more creative in their responses to the perceived scial and political injustices in Thailand, Thanavi Chotpradit calls on the country’s artists to do the same.

Udomsak Krisanamis – The reticent artist agrees to a rare interview with Max Crosbie-Jones in his Chiang Mai studio. 

Bosco Sodi – Mark Rappolt considers how elements of chance and randomness shape the work of the Mexican artist. 

Wang Xingwei – Nataline Colonnello looks at the witty oddness of the Chinese artist’s experiments in painting, which merge borrowed revolutionary imagery and ahistorical mashups.

Our columnists have their say…

Hu Fang sends in new piece of fiction; Chennai-based novelist Charu Nivedita looks for the uplifting moments India offers against a horrifying backdrop of rising crime; Alan Oei, artist and director of the Substation in Singapore, wonders whether culture can still exist as a contested space (read now); and Brian Curtin takes a stance on the curent political divide in the Thai art scene.

Reviews from around the world...

Setouchi Triennale; Before the Beginning and After the End II at Long March Space, Beijing; Why the Performance? at Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai; London Biennale Manila Pollination, Manila; Kenji Yanobe at Takamatsu Art Museum, Japan; Wook-kyung Choi at Kukje Gallery, Seoul; Tada Hengsapkul & Chai Siris at Nova Contemporary, Bangkok; Apichatpong Weerasethakul at Maiiam Museum of Contemporary Art, Chiang Mai; Amar Kanwar at NTU Centre For Contemporary Art Singapore; Tadasu Takamine at TKG+, Taipei; The Propeller Group at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Nástio Mosquito at Fondazione Prada, Milan; Hiraki Sawa at Parafin, London; Takuro Kuwata at Alison Jacques, London; Candice Lin at Gasworks, London; Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook at Gimpel Fils, London; The Asia-Pacific Century: Part One at Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington


Existence: A Story, by David Hinton
Breaking Knees: Sixty-Three Very Short Stories from Syria, by Zakaria Tamer
The Exform, by Nicolas Bourriaud
[inaudible] A Politics of Listening in 4 Acts, by Lawrence Abu Hamdan
The Garden of Foolish Indulgences, by Oh Yong Hwee and Koh Hong Teng
Just for the Love of It: Popular Music in Penang 1930s–1960s, by Paul Augustin and James Lochhead


A new strip by the rising Thai cartoonist Sa-ard; and the latest adventures of Gallery Girl.