Changes at the top for Mori Art Museum

Kataoka Mami

Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum has announced the retirement of its current director Nanjo Fumio. During his 17 year career at the museum, Nanjo has steered the institution towards a global outlook and built its relationship with other art establishments as well as guided it towards its next phase of development. After he steps down from his role, Nanjo will work with the museum as a senior advisor, and will be succeeded by the museum’s current deputy director and chief curator Kataoka Mami on 1 January 2020. As the museum’s chief curator, Kataoka has been responsible for numerous group shows and solo exhibitions for artists including Ai Wei Wei (2009/2012–14), Aida Makoto (2012), N.S. Harsha (2017) and Shiota Chiharu (2019–). In 2018, she served as the artistic director for Sydney Biennale.

20 September 2019