Artists join condemnation of Tania Bruguera's detention in Cuba

Tania Bruguera, 2010, Courtesy WNN (World News Network)

Fourteen international artists including Mark Wallinger, Elizabeth Price, Mark LeckeyJeremy Deller and Tomma Abts have joined the condemnation of the detention and possible legal case against artist Tania Bruguera, in an open letter to The Guardian. Cuban born and Cuba / USA-based Bruguera was detained on several occasions and her passport subsequently confiscated, after she planned to stage a performance about free speech in Havana's Revolution Square at the end of last year.

The letter emphasises that Bruguera is an artist who 'specifically addresses the relationship between art and politics in her work but that her aim is 'not a question of direct political action but to open our eyes to the injustices and social issues in the world and to expose the mechanisms of power and protocol that shape human behaviour'.

10 February