Artist claims Kendrick Lamar stole her work for his new video clip

Lina Iris Viktor, Constellations II Study (detail), 2016–17, pure 24-karat gold, acrylic, gouache, print on cotton rag paper, 86 × 61 cm. Courtesy the artist and Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Seattle

British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor claims her work used without her approval in Kendrick Lamar’s music video for All the StarsThe New York Times reports. The song, by Lamar and SZA, is featured on the soundtrack to Black Panther, the highly anticipated superhero movie.

Viktor’s lawyer sent out a letter to the American rapper’s representative, accusing Lamar of a copyright violation of the gold-on-black pattern in her painting series Constellations (2016–17). The appearance in the video ‘incorporates not just the immediately-identifiable and unique look of her work, but also many of the specific copyrightable elements in the “Constellations” series’, her lawyer explains. The letter states that Viktor had been contacted by Marvel Studios for permission to use her work, but she refused. Viktor said she would be willing to settle the matter providing a public apology and a license fee.

The clip can be seen here

12 February 2018