Winners announced for Battersea Power Station’s new sculpture commissions

Battersea Power Station. Licensed under Creative Commons

Jesse Wine and Haffendi Anuar have been announced as the winners of the inaugural Powerhouse Commission, a new commission for an outdoor sculpture, organised by Battersea Power Station Development Company and Cass Sculpture Foundation. Both the artists’ proposals will be unveiled at Battersea Power Station’s Circus West Village, London, in September. Wine and Anuar were selected from a shortlist of nine artists, including: Claire Barclay; Olaf Breuning; Conrad Shawcross; Yutaka Sone; Nina Beier; Raphael Hefti; and Bedwyr Williams.

British-born, New York-based Jesse Wine’s work references Battersea Power Station’s local history of sculpture by reinterpreting the work of Henry Moore, who, as a student at the Royal College of Art, presented work in Battersea Park.

Malaysian artist Haffendi Anuar’s commission consists of a series of pilotis, a common architectural feature for houses across Asia, which, in this context, will function as surrogates of the power station’s chimneys.

14 August 2017