French government dismisses President of the Musée Picasso

Anne Baldassari was dismissed after another delay in the reopening of the museum and complaints from its employees

Musée Picasso, back view, 2010, in former Hotel Salé, Paris. LPLT, Wikimedia Commons

On 13 May, the French Ministry of Culture revoked Anne Baldassari, President of the Musée Picasso in Paris, terminating her mandate more than a year before its due date (July 2015), The New York Times reports.

The verdict appears as a consequence of almost five years of twists and turns delaying the reopening of the museum, which has been under renovation since 2009. This decision also resulted from a management review by the General Inspection of Cultural Affairs in March 2014 recommending an overhaul, and stating that Baldassari was responsible for a ‘gravely deteriorating work environment’, that led to several resignations. Anne Baldassari, a Picasso scholar who had been leading the restoration project, rejects the accusations, contesting the objectivity of the report.

The Ministry announced that civil servant Jerome Bouët would act as a temporary President, until a new postholder is  appointed.

14 May 2014.