Will Alsop, British architect, 1947 – 2018

Ontario College of Art and Design

British architect Will Alsop has died aged 70 after a short illness, the Guardian reports. Alsop, who was awarded RIBA’s Stirling Prize in 2000 for his design of Peckham Library, is best known for his colourful buildings that incorporate public spaces (including Ontario College of Art and Design, built in 2004). In a 2008 interview, he said, ‘If I were a politician, I would make a law in every city that everything from the ground to 10 metres and higher should float and not touch the ground … The ground should be given to people and gardens, not buildings.’ The architect, whose designs were not always popular with the public and whose practice included two major setbacks – a waterfront project in Liverpool and art centre in West Bromich, founded aLL Design in 2011 following his departure from British architect firm RMJM. aLL Design have delivered a number of projects and are currently in the process of building a new cultural quarter in Chongqing, Southwestern China, and an ‘agricultural leisure park’ north of the city in Yubei. 

14 May 2018