Courtauld Gallery cashier stole £150,000

Dipped his fingers in the till to pay gambling debts

The Courthauld Gallery in London

A former cashier at the Courtauld Gallery in London has been jailed having been found guilty of stealing up to £150,000 from the tills, Court News reports. The court found that Daniel Edgley would void ticket transactions – entrance to the institution can cost up to £6 – and keep the visitor's cash himself, using it to pay off online gambling debts. Edgely had worked at the Courtauld for over five years and had previously worked in the Victoria & Albert Museum shop. On sentencing the defendant, who had pleaded not guilty, to three years in prison, the judge at Southwark Crown Court noted the case was close to his heart as he 'loves' visiting the gallery. 'The Courtauld is one of the most wonderful institutions ... art, pictures and paintings are things that make life so much better.'

15 July 2014