Hiroshi Sugimoto designs mountain-side building for his Odawara Art Foundation

Rendering of Sugimoto's art complex. Image: Hiroshi Sugimoto

Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto has designed the plans for the building that will house the Odawara Art Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded by the artist in 2009, the Art Newspaper reports. The project was funded through a $6m grant awarded by the Japan Society, who will collaborate with the foundation to produce exhibitions and performances.

In tune with the foundation’s ambition to promote Japanese culture and history, the arts complex will include exhibition halls, a contemporary Noh theatre with a stage that appears to float above the sea, a tea ceremony room as well as an underground tunnel from which visitors can view the sunrise during the winter solstice.

The foundation will spread over 9,500 square metres on the coast of the Sagami Bay in eastern Japan, and is due to open by 2017. The exhibition programme, along with the costs associated with the project, have not been revealed. 

16 March 2015.