Stuart Croft, 1970–2015

The filmmaker and educator has died

Stuart Croft, Comma 39, 2011. Commissioned by Bloomberg. © the artist

The London-based artist and filmmaker Stuart Croft has died. The news was confirmed by the Royal College of Art, London, where Croft was a senior tutor. He founded the RCA's Moving Image Studio in 2009 and in 2013 he established the RCA's new Moving Image Pathway. Croft wrote that his films 'often focus on themes of power, recurrence, entrapment and desire; [the work] tampers with fiction, flirts with cinema and re-purposes genre. Film noir, the Hollywood musical, the road movie or the documentary meet a range of textual and literary forms – including the fable, the screenplay, the shaggy-dog story and poetry.'

16 March 2015.