Fernando Cocchiarale appointed curator of MAM Rio

View of MAM Rio

Fernando Cocchiarale has been appointed curator of visual arts of the Museu de Arte Moderna in Rio de Janeiro, taking over from Luiz-Camillo Osorio. The modernist concrete museum building was completed in 1955 as part of Flamengo Park urban planning project on the coast of Rio.

Cocchiarale is a philosopher, art critic, curator and professor based in Rio de Janeiro. Since 1978, he has been teaching Aesthetics at the Philosophy Department of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro–UFRJ and writes regularly for newspapers, catalogues and magazines in Brazil and abroad. Previously, Cocchiarale served worked as curator for the MAM RJ (2000 -2008) and for Itaù Cultural Artes Visuais (1999-2003) and visual arts coordinator of the national cultural institution Funarte (1991-1999). Along with Anna Bella Geiger, he is author of the publication Abstraccionismo Geométrico e Informal and of ¿Quién le Tiene Miedo al Arte Contemporáneo? (2006). 

17 February 2016.